Games & Activities

Your next school or church festival can be the best ever with our affordable carnival games and activities. They are also great for an exciting birthday party!

Full Court Press Basketball

This full sized basketball game has a unique twist.  Whenever you make a basket, your ball is sent through a tunnel and onto your opponents side.  The first player to clear all of their balls is the winner.


Frog Flinger

Place a frog on the spring loaded arm, pull back and let go!  If the frog lands on the lily pad, you WIN!

Mini All Stars Basketball

This basket ball game uses mini basketballs and is much easier for smaller players.  That doesn't mean adults can't have fun too.  At less than 8 feet tall, this game can easily be setup indoors.

Trunk Toss

The classic ring toss with a twist.  Players try to toss the rings onto the elephants trunk!

Corn Toss

Similar to horseshoes.  It's harder than you think!


Hook's Treasure

Fill the treasure chest with prizes, then lock it.  Have players choose a key to see if it will unlock the treasure.  Only certain keys will open the lock!

T-Ball Batting Cage

A ball floats on a column of air and the player hits it into the colorful baseball field backdrop.  The sloped floor returns the ball to a basket at the base of the tee.

Potty Toss

No explanation is needed!  Players throw the balls in an attempt to get them into the potty.



Quack Attack

Players throw beanbags to knock over the ducks.  Ducks are on hinges for faster resetting.

Boom Blaster

A Speed Pumpin', Balloon Bustin' Game.  Pump the handle to inflate your balloon, the first player to burst their balloon is the WINNER!

Stoplight Toss

Players toss 3 wiffle balls trying to get them into the cups!

Floating Gallery

Inflatable balls hover in midair on columns of air. They dip and swirl, making it a challenge to hit them and knock them off their perch.


Players let the pucks slide from the top, the pucks zig zag through the pins and land in the scoring slots at the bottom.

Spin Art

Spin art is fun for all ages! Everyone can have a blast making their own unique works of art.  Frisbees and 5x7 frames are available!

Pin the Nose on the Clown

Players try to place a magnetic nose on the clown.  Game is free standing and approx. 3 feet tall.

The Big Splash

A great alternative to the traditional dunk tank.  Connect to your garden hose and you are ready to play!  Hit the target and two gallons of water spills from the bucket.  Uses soft spongy balls, not hard balls.


Pirate Hoop Toss

Players throw hula type hoops over the pirate in an attempt to completely surround the base.

Giant Wacky Tricycles

Set of three tricycles and markers to set up a wacky race course. 

Lily Pad Leap

Players throw plastic frogs into the holes in the lily pads.

Inflated game does NOT require constant power, 5'X5'X5'

Sound System

DJ Quality Speaker System, Be Your Own DJ.  Connects to any device with an earphone jack.  MP3, iPod, CD player or computer.  QSC K12 speakers are 1000 watts and sound amazing!  Rent one speaker or a pair.  Comes with tripods and all necessary cables.  Mixing boards and microphones are also available.

Can also be used for live music!


Pelican Fish Pitch

Players throw plastic fish into the pelican's mouth.

Inflated game does NOT require constant power, 5'X5'X5'



Touchdown Pass

Players throw a soft football trying to get it through the hole.

Inflated game does NOT require constant power, 5'X5'X5'






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