Frozen Drink Machine Rentals



Perfect for Weddings, Anniversaries, Reunions, Parties or any special occasion!



$145 per 24-hour rental


Frozen drink package includes:

    - 1 Frozen drink machine (2 bowl unit)

    - 2 mixes of your choice (Makes up to 10 gallons)

    - Heavy duty cart to hold machine

    - 5 gallon container to mix everything

    - Free delivery and pick up within normal delivery area

    - 24 hour support

    - We take care of cleaning the machine!

You supply the water and alcohol!

We will mix your first batch for you and give you operating instructions.

Additional mixes are $20.

3 gallons yield approximately 48 8oz drinks

5 gallons yield approximately 80 8oz drinks

   Call (570) 759-2565  

 Drink Flavors  Each mix will yield 3 gallons of slush except Fruit Punch and Blue Raspberry.

Blue Hawaiian Fruit Punch (makes 5 gallons) Orange Dreamcicle  
Blue Raspberry (Makes 5 gallons) Kiwi Lime Peach  
Cherry Lemonade Raspberry Mango  
Grape White Cherry Strawberry  

 Bar Mixes  All bar mixes yield 3 gallons except Margaritas, Hurricane and Bellini mixes, which yield 5 gallons.  (You supply the alcohol)

Margarita Gold w/ Triple Sec Hurricane Strawberry Daiquiri Blue Hawaiian
Lime Margarita Peach Bellini Rum Runner Banana Daiquiri
Strawberry Margarita Pina Colada Fuzzy Navel Mai Tai


Margarita Gold Hurricane Pina Colada
1 bottle mix 1 bottle mix 1 bottle mix
2 x 1.75L bottles Tequila 1.75L Light Rum 1.75L Rum
Add water to 5 gallons 1.75L Dark Rum Add water to 3 gallons
  Add water to 5 gallons  
Strawberry Daiquiri Peach Bellini Mai Tai
1 bottle mix 1 bottle mix 1 bottle mix
1.75L Rum 5 Liters Champagne 1.75L Rum
Add water to 3 gallons 1/2 Liter Peach Schnapps Add water to 3 gallons
  1 Liter Rum  
  Add water to 5 gallons