Glitter Text Maker


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Birthday Parties

Our extensive design collection and amazing glitter tattoos will entertain children and adults alike.  Whether you

have 5 or 50 guests, our Glitter Tattoo Artists can add "Fun and Sparkle" to any event with their paint-on

glitter tattoo creations!


Pool Parties

One of the great advantages of glitter tattoos is that they're waterproof.  Guests can have their glitter tattoos

and jump in the water immediately.  Our glitter tattoos also look great in the sun!

Nightlife - Clubs - Bachelorette Parties

Glitter tattoos can add extra spice to your nightlife.  It unleashes the fun and sometimes wild side of a person. 

It also effectively gets the guests really in the mood of having fun.  We have over 100 designs to choose from.

Where do you DARE to wear your Glitter?

Corporate Events and Promotions

We can never underestimate the power of branding.  Imagine your product, brand or company logo on your target market's skin. 

Glitter tattoos are great conversation starters and last up to a week so people will still be talking and walking with your product

even after your event!  Ask about how we can produce a custom stencil just for you.



What you need to know....



$95/hour for the first hour, $75/hr each additional hour.

A second artist can be added for $75/hour.

Call (570) 759-2565